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Keeping the OmniPod® system above the competitive fray

Insulet Corporation, recently recognized as the second fastest-growing public company in Massachusetts and manufacturer of the advanced OmniPod® insulin management system, identified key competitors and sought L&A’s counsel to ensure that their innovative and patented product remained above the patent fray in the highly competitive field of insulin delivery systems.   The OmniPod system combines an auto-injecting insulin pod filled with insulin and attached to the patient with a personal diabetes manager (PDM) handheld device that wirelessly programs personalized insulin delivery and calculates suggested doses based on glucose readings from its built-in glucose meter. The non-implantable pod is in continuous wireless communication with the PDM to determine the appropriate dosage and provide constant therapy over time, providing patients with an attractive alternative to the instantaneous full dose delivery injection systems of the past. Working closely with Insulet engineers, scientists, and team leaders, L&A examined the IP landscape for automated drug delivery systems and was able to identify substantial distinguishing improvements between the novel OmniPod product and standard full-injection systems. This valuable advice has reassured Insulet of OmniPod’s unique place in this growing and technologically advanced field. This gave the client and its investors greater confidence as the company planned a further public offering of its common stock.


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