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Proven experience protecting therapeutic breakthroughs

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses of all sizes are under intense pressure to leverage the commercial potential of their intellectual property, as fully and rapidly as possible.

The L&A life sciences team has tremendous experience working with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies of all sizes and stages—from venture-funded organizations in early discovery stages to multinational corporations with established product portfolios.  We also represent venture capital groups, private equity funds, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and other entities that invest in or evaluate IP in the life sciences.  Some team members also have experience as in-house counsel in the pharmaceutical industry. We combine PhD-level knowledge in molecular biology, organic chemistry, and related disciplines with a deep understanding of the commercial and legal realities that drive business success.

We take a strategic approach, integrating IP with each client’s business, scientific, product, regulatory, financing, and competitive circumstances. The result is a tailored solution that reflects client priorities, anticipates future needs, and balances IP protection with budget realities.

Our vast experience in this specialized industry enables L&A to:

  • Work with early stage companies to create strategies that enable them to protect their critical IP assets and facilitate fundraising.
  • Work with established organizations to manage their IP assets throughout the product lifecycle, from initial development or acquisition through product launch, development of second generation products, and preparation for future generic challenges.
  • Provide strategic counseling that integrates IP issues, such as freedom-to-operate and patentability of hits/leads/generic structures, with technical and competitive issues, including choice of scaffolds/libraries, early SAR data, selection of leads, competitor product analysis, and regulatory issues.
  • Leverage our proven industry knowledge to proactively analyze the IP landscape and assist clients in planning for, and responding to, third-party IP rights.                  
  • Counsel clients regarding IP licensing and collaborations.
  • Provide trademark protection and counseling.

We serve public and private companies of all sizes, as well as venture capital partnerships and investors, in a range of commercial life science areas, including:

  • Biologics and large molecule therapeutics
  • Small molecule therapeutics/medicinal chemistry
  • Carbohydrate-based therapeutics
  • Drug discovery and design
  • Genomic approaches to personalized medicine
  • Formulations and drug delivery
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Nanotechnology
  • Diagnostics


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