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Cutting-edge strategies for protecting software assets

Today’s Internet and software technologies are changing the way people work, play, and interact. Creative, new ideas are the currency in this rapidly changing, global market space. However, its intangible nature makes protecting intellectual property in this area particularly challenging—especially in light of evolving U.S. and international law governing IP protection for software and Internet innovations.

Lando & Anastasi has the technical, legal and business expertise to help meet these challenges. Our team includes attorneys with broad engineering experience—from software design and development to markup languages, e-commerce, and business methods. This knowledge, combined with our experience counseling clients at all stages of development, enables us to rapidly and efficiently grasp the inventive elements of a technology and provide solutions for protecting them.

We advise our clients on a wide range of IP issues—from patent strategy and prosecution to providing support for technology licensing negotiations. Our overarching goal is to help clients protect and leverage their IP assets to maximize business value.

Our proven expertise in the Internet and software industry enables L&A to:

  • Work with startups at the early stages to create strategies for protecting their critical IP assets prior to and through market launch.
  • Work with established companies to assess and manage their patent portfolios to make the most of their IP investment, while effectively managing business risk.
  • Analyze and prioritize core technology elements to develop patent filings that focus on the most valuable and protectable IP assets, maximizing budget efficiency.
  • Perform due diligence investigations in support of new business initiatives, including technology licensing, acquisition, and partnership agreements.
  • Defend IP assets through invalidity studies, litigation support, and patent reexamination proceedings.
  • Advise clients on protecting their copyrights, trade secrets, and trade agreements, in alignment with their business goals.
  • Provide strategic trademark counseling, clearance, and portfolio management to protect valuable brands.

We serve clients of all sizes in a range of Internet and software technologies, including:

  • Internet-based services
  • Network security
  • Network communication and protocols
  • Business methods
  • Software distribution
  • Video encoding and transmission systems
  • Process control software
  • Data storage and backup technologies

Representative Clients

  • Arbor Networks, Inc.
  • Cantor Fitzgerald / CFHP, LLC
  • Constant Contact, Inc.
  • Endeca
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • ETSY, Inc.
  • GameLogic, Inc.
  • NameMedia, Inc.
  • PC Connection, Inc.
  • Sermo, Inc.
  • The Mathworks
  • Yahoo!

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