Our Firm  |  Our Approach

Creative collaboration that delivers results

Lando & Anastasi is not your average intellectual property law firm. Our approach to serving clients sets us apart—and offers our clients distinct advantages.

Creative Focus

No matter what the challenge, we dig beneath the surface to uncover factors that can have far-reaching implications for our clients. We question everything and we often do things differently to provide solutions that are both highly effective and efficient.

Collaborative Team

While our attorneys have expertise in highly specialized areas, we do not work in silos. We emphasize a collaborative approach, leveraging each other’s knowledge and experience to create productive synergies that lead to fresh ideas. We have no “star” system—just a shared dedication to solving our clients’ challenges.

Quality Over Quantity

Most law firms focus on maximizing billable hours. L&A is different. Our “quality over quantity” billing model allows us to invest the time required to fully understand each client’s intellectual property and their business objectives. We believe this is crucial to delivering the kind of creative and effective solutions that others might miss. We measure success by our ability to achieve client goals, not by our billings.

Our unique approach enables L&A to deliver results that meet our clients’ current and future needs, while exceeding their expectations for service and value.