ALMO Music Corp. et al. v. Vincent Hemmeter, Inc. d/b/a/ Ralph 2019s Rock Diner a/k/a Ralph 2019s et al. (18-cv-40188).

  • November 12, 2018

ALMO Music, and several other music companies, sued Worcester 2019s Ralph 2019s Rock Diner, accusing the venue of allowing the performance of copyrighted, unlicensed works by visiting artists. The plaintiffs, all members of ASCAP, allege that Ralph 2019s has repeatedly refused ASCAP 2019s licensing offers, but allowed the performance of several works in early August, 2018 that plaintiffs own copyright in. Somewhat unusually, ASCAP itself is not named as a plaintiff, with the copyright owners going it alone. Plaintiffs seek statutory damages and costs and fees as well as injunctive relief.

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