Boston Cancer Policy Institute, Inc. v. Carmige (18-cv-11226).

  • June 13, 2018

Boston Cancer Policy Institute (BCPI) sued Indonesian company Carmige and its owner, Karnadi (first name unknown), accusing them of posting a website,, without BCPI 2019s consent. Jurisdiction is based on the site being hosted by Hostinger International Limited, which has an operation site within the United States. The Carmige site is said to falsely describe the activities of BCPI and implying that the organization is involved in nutritional and exercise work as well as the actual practice of medicine. In actuality, BCPI conducts research of new social sciences and public policy analysis as well as promotion of translational science and exchange of ideas in the field of cancer medicine. BCPI 2019s complaint was filed by the corporation itself, which may be a problem 2013 corporations are generally required to have an attorney and cannot represent themselves in court.

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