Canon, Inc. v. Avigilon USA Corp., Inc. et al. (19-cv-10931).

  • April 25, 2019

Canon accuses Avigilon of infringing its 10,135,952 patent relating to surveillance video streaming. The two parties have already engaged in litigation, when Canon sued Avigilon in New York on a number of prior patents. Canon dismissed when Avigilon indicated its intent to move to transfer to Massachusetts, at which point Avigilon filed a declaratory judgment action in Massachusetts. Canon then moved to transfer to the Northern District of Texas, which was granted. At that point, Aviligon voluntarily dismissed the DJ action, with the Texas court refusing to award Canon its attorneys 2019 fees. Canon now bases jurisdiction in Massachusetts based in part on Avigilon 2019s having availed itself of the Massachusetts court based on its DJ filing.

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