Ecobee, Inc. v. Pro Click et al. (20-cv-10332).

  • February 20, 2020

Ecobee accusses Pro Click, Budrug Sales, Green Good Deals and Stelli Products of infringing ecobee 2019s trademark, unfair competition, and false designation of origin in connection of their unauthorized sales of ecobee products. Each of the defendants is accused of selling actual ecobee products via websites such as, designating the products as 201cnew 201d without offering all of the services, specifically quality control standards, that come with the authorized sale of a new ecobee product. Ecobee 2019s complaint is similar to many other such complaints that it has filed against Amazon sellers. Ecobee, who does not know the name and address of the Defendants, asserts that personal jurisdiction exists in Massachusetts as a result of the sale of product into the Commonwealth. In addition to the federal claims, ecobee asserts tortious interference with contractual relations and violation of c. 93A. Judge Stearns has the case.

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