Federal Circuit Modifies Court Operations.

  • March 22, 2020

Citing the coronavirus emergency and the resultant reduction in the number of staff members on-site at the Markey National Courts Building, the Federal Circuit announced modifications to its operations. Significant among these modifications, are:

The courthouse will be closed to the public, with only arguing counsel, parties, and credentialed members of the press permitted in the building;

Individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, been in contact with a person with the virus, who have ben asked to self-quarantine or who are experiencing flu-like symptoms are barred from the courthouse; parties appearing before the Federal Circuit are directed not to provide paper copies of any filings until further notice, other than documents that can only be filed by paper; and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 will not qualify as a scheduling conflict due to the availability of telephonic hearings.

The Court specifically stated that all existing deadlines in cases remain in effect.

Anyone appearing at the Federal Circuit should refer to the court’s website for the specific details and further updates.

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