Premium Sports, Inc. v. Pontes et al. (18-cv-10037).

  • January 12, 2018

Premium Sports sued David Keville and his company Country Saloon Products, Inc., which does business as 201cKelly 2019s Cellar 201d in Quincy, MA, alleging that Kelly 2019s Cellar unlawfully intercepted and descrambled the satellite signal of a Gaelic Athletic Association ( 201cGAA 201d) football match between Donegal and Galway, which took place on July 22, 2017. Premium Sports brings counts for copyright infringement as well as violation of 47 U.S.C. 00a7 00a7 553 and 605(a), which prohibit the unauthorized reception and publication of communications. The latter statutes provide for injunctive relief, actual or statutory damages, and reasonable attorneys 2019 fees.

The defendants had previously been sued for pirating prior GAA matches, (15-cv-13009). The case settled after the defendants moved to vacate a finding that they were in default and awarding Premium Sports $69,387.07 in damages, fees and costs.

GAA football, also known as Gaelic football, is a team sport in which the object is to punch or kick a ball into the other team 2019s goal (a 201cgoal 201d), for three points, or between two upright posts extending above the goal (a 201cpoint 201d) for one point. Galway won the July 22 match by a final score of 4 goals, 17 points (for a total of 29 points) to 0 goals, 14 points for Donegal.

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