The Life Is Good Company v., LLC et al. (17-cv-11911).

  • October 5, 2017

The Life Is Good Company sued, Namecheap, Inc., and RamNode LLC for infringing its LIFE IS GOOD trademark, as well as trademark registrations on the 201cJake 201d and 201cJackie 201d symbols that cover the cartoon male and female figures that appear on Life Is Good clothing and merchandise.
LIG alleges that the defendants provide services to the website that utilizes LIG 2019s trademarks and through which counterfeit LIG merchandise can be purchased. Specifically, LIG alleges that MyLocker provides the software that allowed the LIFEISGOODSHIRT operator to set up the website, process payments, and fulfill orders; Namecheap provides website/server management services; and RamNode hosts the website. (Notably, LIG is not suing the actual operator of the website/maker of the counterfeit goods, and does not identify such entity in its complaint). LIG further alleges that the latter two defendants failed to respond to complaints from LIG and thus cannot show that they have complaint procedures that meet the requirements of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act 2019s 201csafe harbor 201d provisions. LIG also brings counts for unfair competition and passing off, contributory trademark infringement, and counterfeiting, the last of which provides for statutory damages. In addition to the complaint, LIG moved for a preliminary injunction. Note 2013 as of this morning, the LIFEISGOODSHIRT website appears to have been taken down.

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