An Interview with Gary Ganzi, Lando & Anastasi, on Managing Intellectual Property, citybiz Boston

  • May 23, 2024
citybiz Boston

Tell me about your background?

From as early as I remember, I’ve been attracted to science and innovation—particularly sustainable technical solutions applied to difficult problems. My educational background is in chemical engineering, with a specialty in electrochemistry and materials science. Shortly after graduate school I joined a series of tech companies that were using membranes and electricity to purify water and reducing or eliminating their customers’ dependence on traditional chemical treatments. There, and throughout my career thereafter, my quest has been to reimagine water treatment, electrochemical, energy, and other industries, and to introduce innovative and disruptive solutions and sustainable technologies to customers in these industries.

It was as an inventor that I first learned about patents and other intellectual property and their importance to the innovation process. I realized that without intellectual property protections, it is nearly impossible to justify the needed expenditures in valuable time and expense for organizations to accept the risk of commercializing new ideas. For that reason, I spent nights attending law school and became an IP attorney to complete my understanding of the innovation ecosystem.

How do you believe clients gain the most value from working with an IP attorney?

I’ve always believed that clients will have the most success when they work with an attorney that has an in-depth understanding of their core technologies and someone who can collaborate with clients on business strategies. Clients who work together with their attorney to gain the highest quality IP protection that also meets specific business objectives will ultimately achieve the highest long-term value.

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