Boston Business Journal Profiles L&A Associate Ahead of Netflix Debut on ‘The Mole’

  • October 11, 2022

Pranav Patel was fresh out of law school when he got an intriguing note from a casting agency, Benjamin Kail of the Boston Business Journal writes, teasing his interview with L&A Associate Pranav Patel.

In the article, Pranav, who is a cast member in the Netflix reboot of the early-2000s reality competition series ‘The Mole,’ gets candid about his experience learning he had landed a spot on the show and everything that came after.

“The show steps away from traditional reality TV, immersing the viewer in each of the challenges,” Pranav shares. “You see all the relationships form between players. It was a good character arc for me personally.”

As open as Pranav is about his experiences, he won’t reveal too much. Episodes 1-5 of ‘The Mole’ are available to watch now on Netflix. The remaining 5 episodes will be released over the next two weeks.

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