Craig Smith Quoted in Mass Lawyers Weekly Article: “AI presents efficiencies, perils for legal practices”

  • July 17, 2023

Partner Craig Smith was quoted in a July 15th article published in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. The article, “AI presents efficiencies, perils for legal practices”, provides some valuable lessons on how to harness the boundless potential of generative artificial intelligence and the promise of huge change within the legal profession. Two New York attorneys learned the hard way about the dangers of using AI without a critical eye and the article illustrates, through this case and also the views of several attorneys not associated with the case, that the approach to using AI in the law should be as with any other new technology: proceed with caution.

Despite the risks of using large models like ChatGPT, still in their relative infancy, in substantive legal work Craig predicts “in-house AI models becoming the standard in the legal profession.”

“That way you could train an AI model based on the briefs you’ve already written, the research you have already done, and the work that you have already performed for many years,” Smith says. “Then, when you’re using and interacting with that AI system, you know that the information that you’re pulling from is information that you already consider reliable because it’s part of your own data set. That would be a fantastic way of leveraging all the data that the firm has already created.”

Read the full article in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

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