Dave Roccio Shares IP Tips for Startups in “The Ultimate Guide to Legal Consultation for Startups” on Fiverr

  • February 13, 2024

Many startup founders are reluctant to take on the costs involved with hiring a law firm, especially in the early stages, but there are affordable solutions to getting the guidance you need. Being aware of the complexity of your legal needs ahead of time is half the battle. With the right resources, some situations may not require legal intervention at all. But there are several instances where startups should seek outside legal counsel to help lay out a roadmap for their journey, and for a lot of startups intellectual property is at or near the top of that list.

“As an intellectual property attorney, my task is to help startups identify and protect important aspects of their innovations,” says L&A partner Dave Roccio. “I counsel my startup clients on how to submit just the commercial aspect of their innovation, or a similar strategy to help them get the patent on short notice—so they can use the patent for promotions and attracting more investors.”

Read the full Business Guide at fiverr.com.

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