Dave Roccio Talks Patent Translation on the Global Marketing Show Podcast

  • June 8, 2023

Taking a Holistic Approach to Patent Filing and International Protection

In a recent podcast discussion with Wendy Pease of Rapport International, Dave Roccio discussed his holistic approach to patent filing. The patent application is just one piece of the puzzle. The whole IP strategy involves understanding the client’s business stage, goals, and long-term objectives, especially when long-term aspirations include entering new markets. Considering factors such as the client’s overall IP budget, opportunities in the home country, client locations, and competitor presence, Dave helps clients determine the most suitable filing strategy.

Dave emphasizes that companies should consider securing patent protections before entering new markets to avoid jeopardizing their IP rights. Every office usually requires translation into the local language and, while translation requirements vary by country, accuracy is paramount in all cases. A careful balance between time and precision is crucial. Often with tight deadlines attorneys need immediate understanding of a translated passage so they will utilize machine translation and artificial intelligence (AI) for efficiency. However, even a one-word mistake in a patent application can cause a lot of issues down the road, so experienced human translators should also be employed where appropriate.

Listen to the full episode of The Global Marketing Show: “Patents, Exporting, and Translation”.

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