Christine is the primary lead in L&A’s docketing department and assumes responsibility for the patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution processes and procedures. She works closely with legal and administrative staff to maximize the use of firm resources to meet client needs efficiently and with great proficiency.

Christine has been with L&A since its founding in 2003, prior to which she gained experience working in other Boston-area law firms. At L&A, Christine has worked closely with the firm’s leadership committees to establish and implement policies and procedures relating to intellectual property prosecution that align with legal and regulatory standards. She offers strategic modifications as improvements in technology and automation demand change.

Christine serves as L&A’s liaison with the USPTO, managing the firm’s active member and client accounts. She also provides guidance and regular internal trainings consistent with USPTO electronic filing and management of patent portfolios.

  • Notre Dame College, B.A., Paralegal Studies
  • Member, National Docketing Association
  • Member, Boston Intellectual Property Law Association (BIPLA)
  • Member, International Legal Technology Association


Notre Dame College, B.A.

Notre Dame College, B.A.

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