“A Q&A with Peter Lando, Partner at Lando & Anastasi”

  • June 22, 2021

Peter Lando shared his insight on leading L&A through the COVID crisis through 2020 and how the firm evolved from the experience, and what the future of L&A looks like.

“We looked for ways to support our firm holistically. On a professional level, we encouraged each of our employees to renew and learn new skills that will support personal and firm growth through the crisis. Our team responded by creating and presenting various practice training programs and developing their own practice meeting schedules and innovations toward efficiencies. In allowing the team more control over how they perform their tasks, they learned new skills that benefit the entire group – proving that, with encouragement, leadership can happen from any chair. On a personal level, we encouraged our employees to reach out to family, neighbors, friends, and their communities to provide – and receive – support from those networks, too.”

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