Amanda V. Cardona Mentors Startups in Puerto Rico Life Sciences Innovation Incubator

  • April 26, 2024

Presents 2-Part IP Workshop for the Parallel18 BioLeap Program

Associate Amanda V. Cardona presented a 2-part workshop on intellectual property to the first cohort of 9 startups in Parallel18’s BioLeap program. The cohort is comprised of startups and projects in agritech, biotech, digital health, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and therapeutics/pharmaceuticals, among other industries. The incubator invites mentors and industry professionals like Amanda to provide insight into legal and business topics that the startups may encounter along their commercialization journey. Amanda’s presentation included topics such as types of protectable intellectual property, filing a patent application, patent and trademark strategies, recent updates in non-compete agreements and the impact on IP, and inventions arising out of federal funding.

About BioLeap

BioLeap is a life sciences innovation incubator program led by the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (PRSTRT) to increase economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences sector in key focus areas such as biotechnology, AI-driven medical technologies, genomics, and more. As the only resource for life sciences entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico, BioLeap focuses on closing the gap between cutting-edge local scientific research and its commercialization, thus advancing the establishment of local, inclusive innovation ecosystem. The 14-week program provides access to educational resources for emerging life sciences ventures, such as technical assistance, access to capital, and co-working space. BioLeap is part of PRSTRT’s global accelerator Parallel18, which provides a supportive environment where life sciences entrepreneurs can structure their businesses, launch a functional prototype, and develop patentable technologies with the goal of commercialization for exports worldwide.

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