Exploring Generative-AI in the Legal Practice: Who owns the output?

  • May 30, 2024

Legal perspectives on IP protection for content generated with artificial intelligence

An INBLF NextGen virtual event, hosted by Lando & Anastasi, LLP
EVENT DATE: September 4, 2024

AI is reshaping the legal landscape as we know it. Join us as we explore artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of intellectual property (IP) protection. We will discuss issues in inventorship and copyright authorship of AI-generated content and its ownership and protectability within the framework of IP law. During interactive breakout sessions you’ll get the opportunity to hear from your peers about their experiences with IP issues, and how they are—or could be—using AI in their practice.

For legal practitioners seeking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving field, this session is a must-watch. Engage in insightful discussions, gain practical strategies, and network with your peers.

Learn more about INBLF—the International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms—at inblf.com. Current INBLF members, please email to RSVP for this event.

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