Copyright disputes are often won or lost on preparation, long before the parties reach the courthouse steps. That’s why our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to advise clients on copyright issues, both before a complaint is filed and after. We have helped authors and institutions protect and assert their rights against infringers. We also work with companies to minimize their risk of being accused of copyright infringement. Once a case has been filed, we develop strong cases early on, to minimize long-term costs to the client and promote speedy, favorable resolutions.

Our attorneys have litigated copyright cases in federal district courts across the country. We have represented recording artists, non-profit organizations, photographers, and large corporations as both plaintiffs and defendants. We also stay on top of new developments in copyright law, and have published scholarly works in respected peer reviewed publications throughout the nation.

What we do

  • Advise clients on ways to minimize risks associated with the creation and use of artistic works
  • Work with our clients to build strong, cost-effective cases to protect and assert valid copyright interests
  • Litigate cases from start to finish, including discovery, depositions, expert witness testimony and trial

We’re Committed to Your Success