L&A’s 2021 Intellectual Property Law Year-in-Review Presentation Recording Now Available On-Demand

  • February 2, 2022

On January 25, 2022, L&A Attorneys Nicole Palmer, Nathan Harris, Eric Carnevale, and Amanda Cardona presented the 2021 L&A Intellectual Property Law Year-in-Review.

This virtual presentation and the audience Q&A session focused on 2021 developments in intellectual property law such as:

Significant developments in Patent law in federal courts and the PTAB, including:

  • The most significant challenge to the constitutionality of the PTAB in several years ends anti-climactically;
  • New restrictions on the application of assignor estoppel that may make the doctrine harder to enforce against former employee-inventors, among others;
  • The PTAB’s scheme for discretionary denial of IPR petitions creates new hurdles for patent challengers; and
  • An increasing focus at the USPTO and in the courts on written description and enablement issues.

Trademark and Copyright decisions from 2021, including:

  • The preclusive effect of administrative proceedings on trademark litigation;
  • Whether “initial interest confusion” supports an infringement finding;
  • The planning and development necessary to file an intent-to-use trademark application;
  • The responsibility of print-on-demand services to police infringement by their customers;
  • The interpretation of trademarks comprising words from multiple languages;
  • Copyright fair use and software APIs; and
  • Procedural trademark changes at the USPTO.

A high-level overview of domestic and international practice updates and trends, including:

  • Pilot programs available to Applicants at the USPTO;
  • The patentable subject matter debate; and
  • Policy and legislative developments relevant to various IP rights.

A recording of this discussion is now available on demand.

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